Served as the Senior Director Product Development, Sourcing & Innovation at VF International Sagl, Stabio, Switzerland. Responsible to strengthen the brands he manages, Led innovation and product creation capabilities and Support brands in their growth strategies.

Accomplished this through Product Development, Raw Material Development, Sourcing and Quality Control, and by adding an active role in supporting Innovation with a strong alliance with the Global Innovation Centre of VF Corporation.

His responsibilities included:

  • Bringing new innovation and product lifecycle management best practices to VF and brand level growth strategies
  • Enhancing culture & talent
  • Strengthening processes
  • Developing new platforms
  • Creating stronger networks to drive new ideas and solutions.

Prior to this current role, Bhavesh worked at VF covering several roles within the organization, Product Development & Sourcing Director (2012-2017), Sourcing Director (2010-2012) and Product Manager (2005-2009).

Prior to VF, Bhavesh worked in Africa and Asia (India), leading a large manufacturing organization with 4 manufacturing facilities, managing a workforce of over 2,000 associates. During his manufacturing experience, Bhavesh has led transformation of the Organization in Business Processes for Lean Manufacturing, Gemba Kaisen and Speed Initiatives, leading to business Growth.

Bhavesh earned a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Allahabad, and a Master Programme in Oracle Manufacturing, both from India.  He has worked globally in assignments based in Asia, Europe & Africa, and speaks six languages.

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