What I Do


Great ideas that do not stick are frustrating and time wasters.
My talent is to bring out the best from you and your great ideas and help you to concretise them.

Identified Challenge

Anyone can simply identify the challenge, brainstorm about potential solutions and chase the solution until result and impact is seen. Combining yours and my experience and expertise can bring unprecedented results, giving you a long term competitive edge.

Case Studies

Dead Skin on your body contains hazardous chemicals. How can we avoid using Animal Skins on Clothing?


Alternative to Real Animal Fur


Soft, Light, Durable & Ease of Maintenance & NOT Animal Derived


Develop a Synthetic Material eliminating Toxic chemicals 


Eco Fur creation maintaining business of 15 million euros inspite of change from Real Fur to Eco Fur

Responsibly sourced Down price rockets. How to make sure this surge is not paid by consumers?


Alternative to Down with synthetic material


Superior Warmth properties, Light, Washable & Water resistant & NOT Animal Derived


Develop a Synthetic Material using mechanical system to create spheres which would trap air


Created a pipeline of 500 million euros over 5 seasons with the creation of an alternative to down platform of products improving post purchase washing experience to consumers

Jackets are heavy when worn. How to give more energy to for the day to consumers?


Reduce weight of Jackets, specifically Parkas for commuters.


Superior Warming properties, Durable and every component LIGHTER. 


Air laying technology to enhance air trapping, mechanically engineered to reduce chemical usage.


Created a sheet of insulation with ground breaking thermal resistance and super light weight generating millions of euros of business.

Can the apparel industry disrupt manufacturing methods for a more sustainable industry?


Think of alternative ways to manufacture daily used clothing.


Waste reduction in manufacturing, Comfortable clothing for Commuters. 


Digital Manufacturing through 3D Knitting engineering ergonomic zones for easy body movement.


Head to Toe collection using 3D Knitting technique saving upto 40% of waste during the manufacturing process .

Can Landfilling of Clothing be avoided?


Start with the most difficult product with more than 150 parts and resolve un-recycle-ability.


Material performance, Durability, Ease to recycle . 


Multiple material in a product makes it challenging to recycle. How can we reduce residual. A good example is PET Bottles where the Cap and the Bottle are made of different materials making the recycling process costly and painful. Purist mentality with Mono-Material approach is the answer to guarantee full recyclability.


The World’s First ever 100% Recyclable Jacket allowing infinite cycle of Material Upcycling 

Can Materials be healthy and re-used endlessly ?


Birth to Birth as opposed to Birth to Grave .


Material Durability as Nutrients circulating in healthy, safe metabolism. 


Cradle to Cradle certification for a safe and circular economy. Mapping up to Tier 7 of the supply chain to address ‘ lifecycle development’ of the product though the ‘Technical lifecycle assessment’. 

‘Rethinking the way we make things’ – C2C Institute


The World’s First ever Gold Certified Cradle to Cradle Outerwear Product verifying 768 CAS Numbers 

What the press say

My Mission

To partner with organizations in the fashion industry to find the most expedient course of action to achieve both short term and long term success sustainably

My Vision

To be a Global Leader in discovering and implementing ideas, technologies and best practices to create viable and sustainable industries that contribute to a planet that works for everyone

My Skills

Product Creation

Prototyping, pattern, garment engineering, garment construction, fit, consumer driven product lifecycle management, 3D prototyping, re process engineering to transform process to digitization.


Materials strategy, material health, HIGG index, MSI, sustainable material aiming for net positive (carbon neutral). Material innovation. Rethinking of how we make things from a material lens. (Other examples available upon nda)


Product innovation and cost innovation, 3d manufacturing. Creation of an eco-system for cradle to cradle certified products with a supply chain domino approach. (Other examples available upon nda)


Science based targets goals for carbon positive, regenerative practices (agriculture/materials) (other examples available upon nda), material sustainability strategy, circular products, safe and circular economy, cradle to cradle

Strategic Sourcing

Global strategic sourcing, multi tiered supply chain strategy with balanced approached. Partner vendor management and score card (key performance index), responsible sourcing (human rights, ethics, and sustainability), rapid response (mass customization, b2c, b2b, b2b2c)

Quality Assurance

Quality first approach through product engineering and chemical safety, through lens of material health and material safety.

My Qualities

Energetic Leader

Enjoy taking responsibility, facing bold challenges, making aggressive and informed decisions, and motivating team members to win.

Creative Visionary

Boundless, unconventional and vivid imagination grounded in practical execution…can see outside the box while comfortably operating within.
Always looking forward and pushing for the next level.

Positive Catalyst

Motivate and inspires large matrix organizations to embrace enterprise-wide campaigns.

Action-Minded Strategist

Simplify complexity and ambiguity into clear, concise strategies with compelling narratives to drive action.

What people say about me

It was a pleasure to work with Bhavesh because he has very good skills and knowledge to share. His vision of business starts from a great background and thanks to that he can lead the team from the innovation in the design to the release of finished garments trough a selective politic of sourcing, pricing and the right emphasis on quality. Bhavesh has always a positive end constructive approach also on difficulty moments and he is able to drive the all team on the correct way to achieve the requested results. He is self-confident and has unquestionable leadership. With his passion on work, with tutoring and teachings he allows people to grow by providing them the tools necessary for a coherent and sustainable career stimulating and challenging them self and others for common goals. He never forget his sense of humor and he has a good team building mindset.

Luca Barbiera, Quality Assurance Manager

Bhavesh is one of the most innovative, get-it-done, executives I’ve ever come across in the apparel industry. Working directly with Bhavesh I was able to get a first had view to how his creative, innovative yet business focused work-style can deliver real value to the company. We worked on multiple projects together including industry firsts like the Infinity Jacket and mass customization and with each project I found his ability to get things done while managing the expectations and infrastructure of a large organization simply impressive. Bhavesh is exceptional – full stop.

Barruch Ben-Zekry, Builder / Intrapreneur / Startup Advisor / Adventurer

Bhavesh is not the usual innovator you encounter in the apparel industry. He is full of imagination, challenges the status quo, and at the same time, can quickly roll-up his sleeves and put his vision into form. Bhavesh has vast experience in material development and process innovation. His work at VF contributed to significant business growth. This is what innovation truly is – something new that creates value!

Xia Feng, Digital & eCom expert, global citizen, CEO of The How Consulting

One of the most visionary individuals I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with, Bhavesh has consistently impressed me with his ability to think big and act fast. His design sensibility, drive for excellence, and can-do attitude made him an invaluable thought partner in Innovation and a champion of Digital Product Creation at VF.

Safir Bellali, Sr Director / Advanced Digital Creation at VF Corporation

Bhavesh has been such a pleasure to work with. As an innovation leader, he was able to bring new product and materials innovations to market driven by consumer insights and a keen sense of the business side. As a partner, he is a strong collaborator who pushes you to think about new approaches. He is a truly balanced innovation leader

Cameron Walker, VP/GM, icebreaker, North America at VF Corporation

I have been working with Bhavesh from last 8 years, Bhavesh’s businesses acumen is very rare. He is encyclopedia not only for Product sourcing around the world, product design, innovation and market research but also on world affairs and how they correlate to businesses. Innovations Bhavesh has made in last few years are path breaking and market leading / pioneering, which helped Napapijri to become one of the most sustainable brand not only within VF but across the planet. Bhavesh is my go to person not only for sourcing, product innovation but also for personal and professional guidance. I would like to thank him for guiding through these years togeather and many more. Thank you for your leadership.

Dinesh Kumar, Apparel Sourcing / Merchandising @ VF Corporation Napapijri... Also Leading Sustainability Project for Napapijri

What a pleasure it has been to work with Bhavesh during his time at VF! After working for 25 years in the apparel industry, I have rarely met such a strong future thinking, transformative and highly driven professional. Bhavesh has a deep conviction about transforming the apparel industry for the best, to make it truly sustainable by combiming new ideas with ground breaking technologies. He then implements his transformative ideas and projects with a very strong drive and push all the barriers to achieve his vision. Bhavesh would be a strong asset for any company wanting to transform their business model, in particular in product design, manufacturing and merchandising. An innovator with strong a will at heart!

Cugnet Benoit, Head of Global Strategic Marketing

I have worked with Bhavesh for three and a half years at Napapijri, where he was in charge of Sourcing and Product Development for the brand. His knowledge of the whole product development phases as well as sourcing dynamics is truly extensive and outstanding. Bhavesh has a strong vision towards innovations, that always translates into everything he does, not only work related. He was a very good partner during my remit at Napapijri.

Gionata Cantoni, Director Sales Operations at The North Face EMEA

Working for Bhavesh has been an incredible opportunity for me.
Bhavesh has been managing me as I set up a fantastic team and helped me deliver great results in terms of newness, sustainability and efficiency of our range.

Creative and grounded with a deep knowledge of manufacturing (and a vision of how it may evolved), he has always had time to listen, and the ability to ask the right questions which would spark further thoughts.

Working on product I often find that time is never enough as if you are running after a train that speeds up as you try to catch it, and it is often easy to keep things as they are as it seems “the only way”. Bhavesh has often reminded me to pause and reconsider and maybe do things differently.

Bhavesh will be a great asset to any leadership team and will keep things meaningful and focus while still being lighthearted and make the workplace one to enjoy.

Roberta Vernocchi, Senior Materials Manager at VF Corporation- Timberland Apparel

It is rare that you come across standout talent like Bhavesh! I had the pleasure of working with him over a decade at VF, Napapijri. I was particularly impressed by Bhavesh’s vision, intelligence, enthusiasm, agility and his upbeat attitude. He is also an innovative thinker, either doing something new or doing something old in a new way. I always described him as a person who could turn waste into wear and trash into treasure! He has done countless achievements in the brand and VF. Examples such as led Napapijri to become a 100% animal-free brand and bringing the recyclable, infinity concept into a outerwear jacket with recyclable, durable and aesthetically-pleasing features. I also learnt a lot from Bhavesh. He is good at unleashing the potential of others by encouraging and recognizing his teammates including me. I highly appreciated that he had no hesitation on sharing his experience and knowledges that helps me a lot in pursueing my career. Bhavesh would be a great asset to any company! Wish you all the best and success!

Maggie Ma, Assistant Merchandsing Manager at VF Corporation

Bhavesh was one of the most exemplary CEOs that I have come across over the last 22yrs of my Career….” Boundless Energy, Innovative, has Solutions for almost every Problem that you take to him, indepth Product and market Knowledge, Understands Production , can inspire and push people to do better…

Rajesh Tatineni, Chief Operating Officer at Hera Sweaters Ltd

I had the pleasure to work with Bhavesh for many years. Bhavesh is one of the most talented leader I worked with in my career. He is always enthusiastic and he has a deep knowledge of the whole product cycle, from design through development to sourcing/manufacturing. Bhavesh has a sharp analytical mind and an incredible process-engineering capacity. I really enjoyed managing many projects with him and his ‘can do’ mentality was a key factor for the success of many of them. His positive approach to any new challenge is a source for energy for all colleagues.

Paolo De Marco, Vice President Operations -Regional Brands Emea at VF Corporation

I am here to support you in clarifying what Great Ideas are going to move your organization forward, profitably, sustainably, successfully. It starts with you reaching out and setting up a (no charge) talk with me, so we can see if there is a fit between where you are, where you are going, and what I can contribute.

Is now the time for you to chat with me and see what happens?

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